About Us

Just a little bit about who we are

We are a community of believers

On the Wings of Love Ministries is a church where a diverse community of Christians come together to worship our God as one body in Christ. The church congregation is comprised of believers from different ethnic backgrounds and is located the small historical town of Florence, New Jersey.


If you are looking for a church home or a place where you can worship Christ freely, then we invite you to come join us and enjoy the worship at the church where love reigns.

(John 1:29, Luke 11:13, Acts 1:8, and Acts 2:38)

To Provide a place of refuge where the spiritually lost can find information and guidance about the true plan of salvation.

Our Mission

On The Wings of Love Deliverance Ministries mission is to expand the kingdom of God by fulfilling our vision to reach the world one soul at a time through personal evangelism, missionary endeavors, Christian education and charity. Serving as an outreach center to help people locally, nationally and internationally, we endeavor to unite with others in their dedication to change the world through the gospel of Jesus Christ and we shall continue to encourage all to dedicate their lives to Christ and set positive examples as epistles for our Lord, Jesus Christ.

(Hebrews 13:1)

To unite people of like faith in the bonds of brotherly love and fellowship

Meet Our Team

Pastor Vincent L. Moore

Minister Chrystal Moore

Ministry James D. Moore

Assistant Pastor Terrence A. West

Deaconess Diane West